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Trade In Your Television

Looking for a new Television, but don’t want all the hassle involved in getting rid of your dusty old television? Worry no more, because with their amazing new Television trade in scheme, Sony have the answer. For limited time, Sony are letting you use your old television to get loads of money off a new one; turns out your old Television isn’t as useless as you thought, because now it can save you some cash! But what if your old Television is a wreck; it doesn’t even work and it’s falling to bits? Irrelevant! Sony’s Television Trade in Scheme doesn’t discriminate, and they’ll happily accept any old piece of junk to knock some dosh off your new set.

It’s not a small saving either. Bringing in your old Television when you want to purchase a brand new Sony Television can save you an enormous £150! That’s the price of a Television in its own right, so you can appreciate just how valuable this deal could be to you. There are a few rules if you’re going to trade in your old Television though, namely that you have to physically bring it down to the store and hand it over when you buy your new one. Purchasing a new Television in store does have its own benefits though; you’ll be able to take advantage of Sony’s amazing 5 year warranty offer, covering your Television for any breakage up to half a decade after you purchase it!

Sony’s Television Trade In offer isn’t available on every single Sony Television, but that’s not a reason to worry, it is available on all the latest models, so you can still saves masses of cash on one of the latest and best televisions on the market. Don’t miss out; put your old television to good use, and use it to buy a shiny new Sony now!

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